Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box Pizza Deal

Pizza Hut has just introduce a new pizza deal for a limited time, the Big Dinner Box. This new pizza special from Pizza Hut is packed with 2 medium size pizzas, 5 bread sticks, and 8 wings. The price point on the Big Dinner Box is $19.99 or if you want to add cheese to your bread sticks, the price would be $20.99. Check out my video pizza review below.

As you can see from the pizza review, this pizza special is packed with a lot of food. The pizzas themselves are not anything special, they are made from the bread stick dough and have a pretty decent thickness to the crust. For the wings you have the option of bone-in, bone-out, or traditional wings. From a value point I think this deal is great for a family or night with friends. Will the new Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box be in your future?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little Caesar's Deep Dish Pizza $8 | Pizza Review

Today we ordered a Deep Dish pizza from LIttle Caesar's but it wasn't a pizza special. The Deep Dish pizza is currently priced at $8 for a 1 topping pizza. Check out our pizza review video below

The biggest difference between this pizza and their Hot N Ready pizza is the thickness of the dough. With the Deep Dish pizza from Little Caesar's, you get the toppings and cheese to the edge and a nice crunchy bottom. This by far is better than their Hot N Ready pizza but if you order one, you'll have to wait a good 10 minutes. Got a Little Caesar's in your area? Check it out, I think it's worth the $8!