Monday, April 21, 2008

Where To Find Printable Pizza Coupons

No household is complete without a drawer full of pizza coupons! Each year, the use of coupons generates 8 billion dollars of revenue in the United States alone. The reason they are so effective is because everyone likes to save money. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to find out about the latest pizza specials and coupons because you don’t have to wait for them to come in the mail anymore…they’re all online!

If you’re pizza coupon drawer is just fresh out of Domino’s coupons, not to worry. Simply head to their web site and you can order online. Prefer to visit the store’s location? Not a problem, because they also offer printable pizza coupons. The same rules apply for Pizza Hut coupons as well as Papa John’s coupons. Their web sites have all the information you need about the current pizza specials, and they offer printable pizza coupons. They’ll also tell you where your nearest location is. If you prefer, you can even pay online.

There’s just no reason to pay full price for a pizza when there are so many discounts available. New pizza specials and promotions are constantly being added. Chances are there is a pizza coupon available that will closely match what you’re looking to order. Imagine if you saved just 5 bucks a week on pizza…that’s another $260 in your pocket every year, just for going to a web site and grabbing some printable pizza coupons! Some pizza deals are available exclusively online, so it’s just
another great reason to check out their web site and save some money.

The availability of certain pizza coupons may vary by location, but the web site will usually first ask you for your zip code, and then they’ll show you the pizza deals available to you in your area. Pizza coupons are free, overpaying for pizza is not!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hungry Howie's $11 Pizza Special

Today we opted to try out the new $11 pizza special from Hungry Howie's Pizza. The pizza special was a large 3 topping pizza for $11. Our pizza toppings of choice were 1/2 with pepperoni, mushroom, & onions and the other 1/2 had pepperoni, sausage, & black olives. we also went for the flavored crust and we picked garlic herb.

The pizza had plenty of toppings and the crust was very flavorful. The bake on the other hand wasn't so good. It seems that when they stretched the pizza, it wasn't stretched very evenly. The side with the black olives was doughy in the middle while the side with the onions was cooked all the way. Overall, the product was just o.k.. We usually get a decent pizza when we order from Hungry Howie's, maybe tonight was an off night?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sample of the World's Best Pizza

Sussex, WI – April 15, 2008 There is now no doubt; samplings of the world’s best pizza emanate from Sussex. Tony Lippold, owner of Tony Maronni's pizzeria was designated as one of only 70 American pizzerias to compete in The International Pizza Challenge™, a traditional pizza-making contest. The contest was held in Las Vegas, NV during the International Pizza Expo®, the world's largest and oldest pizza tradeshow.

The 70 entries were accepted with the following stipulations. A red sauce must be used on your signature dough with your favorite cheese/cheese blend and your favorite spices. No more than five of the following toppings could be used: Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, Ham, Mushrooms, Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions and Olives. Contestants brought all the ingredients needed to make their best traditional pizza for independent panels of judges. Lippold featured Tony Maronni's Portabella Supreme.

Lippold, a certified chef of 27 years personally operates his pizzeria and develops his signature recipes. The panelists of renowned judges ranked Lippold’s pizza among the 7 best traditional pizzas in the world. Criteria for this world class ranking were crust, sauce, cheese, toppings and sensual presentation.

Lippold remarks, I was really nervous. I'd never competed in the pizza challenge before, but I knew I had a very good pizza. So that made it a little less stressful. There are a lot of pizzas being made in the pizza competition. I'm just glad that the judges liked mine”.

See to view the extensive menu & follow the growth of Tony Maronni's.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Papa John's Italian Meats Pizza Special Review

On Friday we ordered the new Papa John's Pizza Special, the Italian Meats pizza. The Italian Meats pizza is the latest pizza special from Papa John's and it's $11.99 for a large pizza. The toppings that come on the pizza are pepperoni, spicy Italian Sausage, Red Onion, Green Pepper, Mushroom, and Seasoning on top. This pizza was great! The bake was crunchy and the toppings were plentiful. We order our pizza using Papa John's Pizza online ordering and tried out the future order button that they added a little while back. When using this feature, you have to give a 2hr notice. Personally I kinda think that stinks, but we did it anyways and our pizza was delivered right on time!

Along with our Italian Meats pizza, we ordered some cheese sticks. As usual, the cheese sticks were great! So cheesy and baked perfectly. In my opinion, Papa John's has the best cheese sticks around. If you get a chance, try out the new Italian Meats pizza or the Tuscan 6 Cheese pizza, they are both $11.99

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fox’s Pizza Den Offering Online Marketing

Punxsutawney, PA – April 7, 2008 – Fox’s Pizza Den founded in Pittsburgh, PA in 1971 will launch its first national marketing effort. The 334 unit company found in 33 states across the country has responded to the needs of franchisees to create top of mind awareness nationwide. was created to provide a universal marketing campaign to franchisees, 77% of Fox’s units are participating. Scott Anthony, franchisee forum moderator, adds, “This site was created based on the consensus of our operators who want to improve their marketing efforts and promote their locations. We chose the online option because it best suited our royalty structure.” The creation of the site was coordinated by the input of the franchisee forum along with prime marketing partners, and CFM Concepts.

The site includes a brief history of the company along with a typical store menu, printable coupons & leads to participating locations. Anthony added, “This format was chosen after a few years of researching key items that internet users looked for on our existing web sites.”

Fox’s Pizza Den was founded on the principle of providing each operator with an opportunity to be a true entrepreneur. No percentage of sales or advertising fees is charged back to the franchisees. Franchisees only pay a flat $300 per month royalty and are in control of their individual marketing programs.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Domino's Launches New 'Recession-Buster' 444 Deal

ANN ARBOR, Mich., March 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- With dismal news coming out every day about the state of the economy and the plight of the American consumer, it's hard not to worry about where every penny is going. A dollar doesn't go a long way anymore -- until now. Domino's Pizza (NYSE: DPZ), the recognized world leader in pizza delivery, is now offering a great new value meal called the 444 Deal: three ten-inch pizzas with one topping for $4 each (minimum order of three.) These aren't skimpy-topping pizzas that have been engineered for value, but original hand-tossed Domino's pizzas that will end the bickering over what toppings to order because everyone can have their own.

"Nowadays, $4 gets you a little more than a gallon of gas or a cup of coffee from a local coffee house," said David Brandon, Domino's Pizza Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "Who would have thought it could buy you a meal?"

"We know from third party research that when people are concerned about the economy they tend to skip meals -- particularly lunch -- to save a few bucks. With the 444 Deal, you and a couple of friends can order your choice of pizza at a great value and still have leftovers," said Patrick Doyle, President of Domino's USA.

The new 444 Deal will be launching in more than 1,500 Domino's Pizza locations starting March 31, and will be available nationwide by April 14.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

California Pizza Signs Franchise Deal

According to a news report from, "California Pizza Kitchen Inc. said Friday it signed a deal with Gourmet Gulf Co. to become a new franchise partner."

"The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed," said the story. "As part of the agreement, the restaurant chain said Gourmet Gulf will open a minimum of three California Pizza Kitchen (nasdaq: CPKI - news - people ) locations within the next two years. The first restaurant is scheduled to open in Dubai in the fall, the company said. The franchisee is headquartered in Dubai."

Article Source

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Flipping over New Ci Ci's Pizza Buffet Special

Big, Cheesy and Flavorful Flip Debuts as Part of CiCi's Expanding Buffet Choices

COPPELL, Texas, March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- CiCi's Pizza, who recently announced an aggressive coast to coast expansion, is at it again -- this time expanding their buffet choices for guests. Earlier this week, guests found the new Pepperoni Flip addition to the buffet. The new flip is similar to a calzone. Packed with fresh pepperoni and a combination of spices, parmesan and Romano cheese, the flip adds a familiar yet zesty flavor to the buffet line up.

"This addition is about giving guests unique, craveable products, available exclusively at CiCi's," said Craig Moore, president of CiCi's Pizza. "We are excited to add this new flip to the buffet which already features 16 different pizza choices, pasta, salad and desserts."

Founded in 1985, CiCi's Pizza is a family-oriented restaurant serving guests all the fresh salad, pasta, desserts and 16 kinds of pizza they want for an unbelievably low price. CiCi's credits its continued success to the company's philosophy. CiCi's mission then and now is to exceed each guest's expectation in food, service and cleanliness, all at their value-oriented price point. Since opening its first restaurant in Plano, Texas, CiCi's has grown to over 600 restaurants in 30 states. Over the past three years, CiCi's has opened nearly 180 new locations in new and existing markets.

Industry professionals have taken notice of CiCi's success. For the past three years, Nation's Restaurant News ranked CiCi's as number one for sales and unit growth in the pizza chain category., The Wall Street Journal's guide for entrepreneurs, ranked CiCi's as one of the top 25 highest-performing brands in the nation. Franchise Today ranked CiCi's Pizza in the top 200 of all franchise concepts. The concept has received numerous other honors including recognition from Corporate Research International for best customer service in 2006 and 2005; a gold award from Restaurants & Institutions in its annual consumer choice in chains survey in the pizza category; Pizza Enterprise Industry of the Year in 2004 by Pizza Marketing Quarterly magazine; and a top rating in 2003 and 2004 in the Italian restaurant category for Entrepreneur magazine's Annual Franchise 500. Consumers have praised CiCi's customer service ranking them number one for four quarters through Real People Ratings, a survey conducted by Corporate Research International.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Find the Best Special Pizza Discounts

You’re hungry for pizza and you don’t have any pizza coupons, what do you do know? Go hungry, eat some left over food, or just order a pizza anyways? You know the craving, if you’re hungry for pizza, then you’re going to order the pizza! Before you place that phone call, let me show you a few ways to find some special pizza coupons.

The easiest way to gain a special discount on a pizza is to simply call the pizza shop and find out if they have any specials on pizzas. Most pizza shops carry some kind of special. The big three, Papa John’s pizza, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s pizza, all run monthly (or 6 week) specials. They are always creating new pizza’s and specials to get you into their door with their television advertisements.

Another way to find pizza coupons is to search through that stack of mail that has been sitting on your counter. All of the big pizza shops spend money every month to get coupons for pizza in your door. Their coupons come in a variety of ways, some use direct mail which comes from their data base of customer’s, other pizza places use coupons in a monthly coupons book, and some pizza shops even have crew members door hang. The great thing about paper advertising, is that it is less expensive so the independent pizzeria’s have a chance to compete for your business.

The third way to locate pizza specials is to log onto your favorite pizza website. All of the bigger pizza shops have a website now a days! When you visit, you can join their mailing list and receive special pizza coupons directly to your e-mail. This is the newest form of advertising for pizza shops and I believe it is growing every month. This gives them the opportunity to take advantage of any big happening in the world! If the big game is in a few days, you may just receive an e-mail about a special pizza discount for that day only. In any case, you can obtain an online pizza coupons and simply print it out and redeem it. Pizza thrives on main events, friends and families gather and pizza shops know that pizza is the easiest food to feed a gathering!

So the next time you ‘re surfing the net and get that pizza craving, log onto your favorite pizza site and grab some coupons! Be happy, Enjoy live, Eat pizza!

A veteran of the pizza industry making sure your pizza is the best you can get! For more information about the pizza industry, visit We specialize in pizza industry information, menu's, coupons, and more!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pizza Hut Tuscani Pasta Special

Pasta Hut better known as Pizza Hut has a special with their new Tuscani pasta dishes. Today we opted for the Alfredo Chicken special. The deal Pizza Hut offers is a Tuscani pasta dish and 5 bread sticks for $11.99 The Tuscani Alfredo Chicken that we ordered was great! The deal says it is supposed to serve 4 individuals? I'm sure if you dish it out according to the exact specification, you could serve 4 with small appetites. I personally think it would serve 3 with average appetites.

After a long day of work, I was starving and craving to give this a try. When I picked up the Tuscani pasta dish, the aroma took over my car and I couldn't wait to get home! When I got home and propped open the box, my taste bud's started watering. I dished out some pasta on my plate and dug in hoping this was going to be as good as it smelled. The verdict was..... The pasta was spectacular. The sauce had a nice hint of garlic, the pasta was cook just right, and the chicken was pretty good. We were surprised to find that there was baked cheese on top of the pasta, I figured it would be on the Tuscani Meaty Marinara. Overall, great product and a pretty fair price, we put this on a definite must try list.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Judging a Pizza By Its Bake

You've heard the expression "Don't judge a book by its cover", so should you judge a pizza by its look? When it comes to food, appearance is a major factor in a persons review of a food product. Pizza is consumed at a rate of approximately 350 slices per second in the United States. This statistic alone stands to reason that all pizza shops should concentrate on the appearance of their pizza. Besides appearance, how else can one judge the overall expectations that a slice of pizza should offer your taste bud's? Here is a list of what we look for when reviewing a pizza.

Appearance of a pizza can do wonders for the overall taste! When you receive your pizza and flip open the box, you are expecting to find a product that is satisfying to your eyes. You quickly glance over the meat and veggie toppings and the cheese in hopes that they are evenly distributed over the whole pizza. Next you quickly glance at the crust to ensure that it isn't burnt. Finally your hands reach for a slice of that heaven and hope that the pizza is actually cut all the way through the crust.

Topping distribution on your pizza is a quality issue that so many pizza shops often deal with. In order to have a proper bake and appearance of a pizza, the pizza toppings should be evenly distributed over the entire pizza. If the pizza toppings aren't evenly distributed over the pizza, this can lead to a doughy center. When this happens, it is often referred to as center loading meaning that the pizza toppings are bunched near the center of the pizza.

Another factor in reviewing pizza is the cheese. Pizza shops use a variety of different cheeses some use mozzarella, while others use provolone, and some even use a blend. For most pizzerias the cheese is what makes their pizza, it's that stringy flavorful topping that we all love. Some pizza shops will load up your pizza with 100% real cheese while others may seem to be a little stingy and use a cheese that maybe oil filled. The overall expectation of cheese should be that it covers the pizza to give a great appearance.

The final factor that you should take into consideration when reviewing a pizza is the dough quality. A great pizza dough will be filled with flavor and have a nice crunchy outside with a soft chewy inside. This can be accomplished by a number of factors the overall pizza dough recipe, the kind of flour that is used, and the bake of the pizza. When you are reviewing a pizza, you should check to see if the crust has a nice even golden brown appearance. If the crust isn't evenly baked, then you will find different shades of golden brown over the entire pizza. Another factor to check is spotting on the pizza crust, if you find small circles with dark shades of brown on your pizza crust, this could mean that your pizza dough wasn't very fresh.

Using these four factors can help you make a great decision when deciding on which pizzeria you are going to offer your hard earned money to. We as Americans love to eat pizza so next time you dive into that doughy goodness, perform your own pizza review and you might just find out some interesting results.

A veteran of the pizza industry making sure your pizza is the best you can get! For more information about the pizza industry, visit
We specialize in pizza reviews, menu's, coupons, and more!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Little Caesars #1 Pizza Chain in 2007 U.S. Store Growth Achieves Seventh Consecutive Year of Significant Sales Increases

DETROIT – Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc. today announced that it built more domestic units than any other pizza chain in 2007, while being recognized as the top value quick serve restaurant chain in the U.S. “Our strategic new store growth continues, and we’re very pleased that 2007 marked our seventh consecutive year of significant sales increases outpacing industry growth,” said David Scrivano, president, Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc. “Even with current economic pressures, we are growing the chain by executing our strategy.”

Recognized as the world’s largest carry-out pizza chain, Little Caesars’ year-over-year sales increases again led to significant franchisee growth and entry into new markets. This growth, coupled with fresh, quality products, outstanding value for customers and strong national brand recognition, positions Little Caesars for continued and accelerated growth in 2008 and beyond.

In one of the largest U.S. quick serve restaurant research studies in 2007, Little Caesars was named for the first time the “best value for the money” of all quick serve restaurant chains. Sandelman & Associates’ Quick-Track® research study tracks key consumer behavioral and attitudinal measures for all major fast-food chains. Surveys were conducted among more than 84,000 quick service restaurant customers in 70 major markets across the U.S. Little Caesars was also named highest rated pizza chain for “Convenience of Locations” and “Speed of Service.”

“Our customers are telling us they appreciate the great value we provide,” said Scrivano. “Value is created by offering top quality pizza made with fresh ingredients for a great price. This recognition from Sandelman clearly validates our market position as the value leader and is a testament to our competitive advantage.”

Attracting a Broad Range of Investors

In 2007, Little Caesars built new stores in eight countries and 36 states. Little Caesars plans to continue the growth by opening hundreds of stores worldwide in 2008. Numerous business investors are seeing value in Little Caesars, including individuals experienced with other brands, people transitioning to a second career and investment companies.

“I left an executive position with another food chain and became an entrepreneur with Little Caesars because of the high quality products and simple operating model,” said Mike McGuire, Little Caesars Minneapolis-area franchisee. “With the strong training and ongoing support Little Caesars offers franchisees, I have been able to open six Little Caesars stores and plan to open three additional locations in 2008.” Three years ago there was one Little Caesars store and one franchisee in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market area. Today there are more than a dozen stores and five franchisees.

People from many backgrounds have chosen Little Caesars as a second career. Former Ford autoworker Dale Beck took a buyout in 2006 and opened his St. Louis-area Little Caesars in June of 2007. “I made a plan to transition to a different career, and I’ve enjoyed bringing the same discipline I developed in the auto industry to my own business,” said Beck. “I encourage other auto workers, and people from any field desiring to get into business for themselves, to explore opportunities with Little Caesars.”

Investment companies are also interested in Little Caesars. For example, Sizzling Caesar, an experienced restaurant group with several brands, recently purchased dozens of Little Caesars stores in Utah and Colorado to expand their holdings. “We have many food service interests and we were looking for an investment that would help us expand in today’s economy,” said Ted Morton, CEO of parent company Sizzling Platter. “We’re so happy with our Little Caesars business that we have signed an agreement to expand the Little Caesars brand with dozens more stores in Utah and Colorado.”

Domestic Expansion Plans

In 2008, Little Caesars is focusing on growing in areas across the country including Boston, St. Louis, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Cincinnati, among many others, providing opportunities for individuals looking for more independence through business ownership.

To maintain its continued growth, Little Caesars supports franchisees with strong processes and a proven system that includes: ongoing training and support, architectural services to help with store design and construction, preferred lenders to assist with financing, the ongoing research and development of new products, and effective marketing programs and support.

”We continue to innovate to provide more value to more people in more places,” said Scrivano. “Little Caesars has been in business for nearly 50 years, and remains well-positioned today in this competitive market segment.”

International Expansion Plans

Little Caesars intends to expand its international presence and has approved franchisees in Costa Rica, Peru and Ireland. To support its long term focus on international growth, Little Caesars promoted Michael Therrian to Vice President, International. He will focus on growing stores and strengthening the Little Caesars brand globally. Little Caesars has a presence or approved franchisees in more than 20 countries.

Giving Back

The Little Caesars Veterans Program continues to provide business ownership opportunities to military veterans. Currently 25 veterans have become Little Caesars franchisees under the program. It offers honorably discharged, service-disabled veterans who qualify as Little Caesars franchisees a benefit of up to $68,000. Honorably discharged, non-service-disabled veterans who qualify as Little Caesars franchisees are eligible for a benefit of $10,000.

The Little Caesars Love Kitchen, a pizza kitchen on wheels that travels the nation providing hot pizza meals to the homeless, disaster survivors and rescue workers, made a difference for more than 15,000 people in 60 locations. Since its inception in 1985 the Little Caesars Love Kitchen has provided meals to more than two million people.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Looking for pizza specials for April? Our latest video is ready for your viewing enjoyment! View the pizza specials for Papa John's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, Fox's Den Pizza, and more.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pizza Hut renaming itself Pasta Hut for April Fool's

According to a news report from, "Pizza Hut claims that it is renaming itself "Pasta Hut" as the company introduces a line of new Tuscani pastas."

"According to the PR News wire, the company's Web site has been redesigned, including the new URL, the new Pasta Hut logo and a message for consumers: "Pasta so good, we changed our name to Pasta Hut!" said the story. "However, the Dallas Morning News reported last week that the new name is just an April Fool's joke to bring attention to the new pasta line."