Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pizza tops Super Bowl menu

Pizza will be the big winner Sunday.

One in seven Americans eat take-out or delivery food from a restaurant on Super Bowl Sunday, according to the National Restaurant Association. About 60 percent of the purchases will be for pizza.

Sales of store-bought frozen pizza will be about 20 percent higher than usual this week, according to a spokeswoman for DiGiorno and Tombstone.

When it comes to pizza, most Americans have long followed this advice: Do not try this at home.

Of course, there are do-it-yourselfers.

"Making your own pizza elevates the quality of the pizza you get to eat at home,'' said George Formaro, a Des Moines chef who sells pizza at his restaurant, Centro, 1007 Locust St., and take-and-bake pizza at Gateway Market, 2002 Woodland Ave.

Truly adventurous home cooks will make their own doughs from scratch. This step can take up to six hours or longer, but is considered essential by pizza connoisseurs who place heavy emphasis on the taste and texture of the crust, Formaro said.

Resourceful home cooks will know where to get dough that someone else took the time to make.

"If you're fortunate to have an old-style neighborhood pizzeria, you can probably buy some dough from them,'' Formaro said.

For years, Centro and South Union Bakery have been selling dough informally to regular customers who take it home as a substitute for made-at-home fresh dough.

In August, Gateway Market began selling small pillows of refrigerated dough made in South Union Bakery, which moved from Des Moines' south side to the Gateway Market in April.

Food consultant Joyce Lock of Des Moines, author of the table game Foodie Fight, has been living and cooking in the area since the mid-1960s.

"As far as I know, this would be a first,'' she said of an area grocery store selling locally made dough.

Prepared pizza crusts from national companies have long been available. But the product being sold for $2.99 a pound at Gateway is different because it is fresh and has no preservatives, Formaro said.

The dough can be used to make pizza, stromboli and calzone, he said.

While it is easier to call for take-out or delivery or to toss a frozen or take-and-bake pizza into the oven, the pizza made and baked at home is likely to taste much better, Formaro said.

"It is true, the fresher the ingredients, the better the taste,'' he said. "And you can make your crust as thick or thin as you like.''

CJ Bienert, who manages the cheese department at Gateway Market, said most of the pizza he eats is homemade.

Making a pizza allows consumers to customize cheese toppings with fresher and higher-quality cheese, Bienert said.

"You can really go for what I like to call the goo factor,'' he said, adding that one cheese he'd recommend in addition to good mozzarella is a young asiago.

He also recommends a specialty cheese, caciocavallo, which is imported from Italy and is similar to aged provolone.

"The important thing if you take the time to make your own pizza, is you should go for the taste you like," Bienert said. "You can empty out your refrigerator, if you want.''

Story by Tom Perry

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Papa John's Online Pizza Coupon

It was time for a Papa John's Pizza review! Today we used an online pizza coupon for 2 medium 3 topping pizza's from Papa John's for $15.98. Our pizza toppings of choice were Pepperoni, Black Olive, and Sausage on the first one. On this pizza, the bake was great, but the topping distribution was average. As you can see, some of the pieces have black olives and some do not. Over all the pizza was average. It wasn't the best pizza we have had from Papa John's, but it wasn't the worst!

The second pizza has pepperoni, onions, and extra cheese. This pizza once again had a nice bake to it. Topping distribution was better on this pizza. The only negative, is that it seems that every time you order extra cheese, it never seems like more. Overall, this pizza was better than the one pictured above.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pizzaria to offer Free Pizza Slices

Patrick Farley, owner of Flippin' Pizza, New York Style, and the original Knockout Pizzeria of Carlsbad, is expanding his authentic New York-style pizza brand to the La Costa area. To celebrate the grand opening of the pizzeria's fifth location, All Flippin' Pizza, New York Style, and Knockout Pizzeria locations will give out free slices to local police and fire department personnel in uniform all day Jan. 29.

Knockout Pizzerias are at 2937 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad; and 4121 Oceanside Blvd., Suite 203, Oceanside. Flippin' Pizza locations are at 215 S. El Camino Real, Encinitas; 2440 S. Melrose Drive, Vista; and 7662 El Camino Real, La Costa.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Papa Murphy's Pizza Records Record Sales

Papa Murphy's International announced its 2007 sales passed the $500 million mark.

The 2007 performance represented an increase of nearly 13 percent over 2006 and same-store sales rose 6 percent over the same period, according to the privately held Vancouver-based chain of take-and-bake pizza restaurants.

Papa Murphy's ended the year with 1,067 locations across the United States, most owned and operated by the company's 560 different franchise owners. The company added 33 new franchise entity groups in 2007 and opened 119 new locations. It ended the year as the fifth-largest pizza company in the country.

In 2007, Papa Murphy's appointed Clarice Turner as its new president and chief operating officer. Turner previously led the Yum Brands and joined a management team led by John Barr, chief executive officer.

In another significant change, Papa Murphy's joined the health movement by eliminating all added trans fats from its pizza line and introduced a number of new products. One, the Jack-O-Lantern Pizza, is credited with propelling Papa Murphy's to an all-time high for weekly sales. Its "We Can Do That!" campaign offered customers the option to customize their orders.

Papa Murphy's said it plans to open 300 or more stores in the next two years.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Pizza Hut Airs First Presidential Get-Out-The-Vote Ad Aimed at Youth

Only Company Urging Young Americans to Vote

College & University Pressroom

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pizza Hut® is airing a new ad encouraging young Americans to get involved in the political process by voting for the next U.S. President. Pizza Hut is the first company in this Presidential election to remind Americans to vote with the tagline, Its your choice. Please vote.

The new 30-second ad features two college students, one of whom is questioning whether he should vote in this years Presidential election. The other student stresses the importance of voting, and encourages the doubting student to let his voice be heard by voting, convincing him to cast his ballot. This is the first time in Pizza Huts 50-year history the company has run an ad to promote a public policy issue rather than promoting its pizza. The companys new Pizza Mia $5 value pizza is shown in the ad as a product placement, but is never referenced or specifically promoted.

Today's youth have the power to change history with their vote in this Presidential election. At a time when the number one issue in this election is the economy, we're using our new Pizza Mia ad to encourage everyone to vote and make sure their voice is heard, said Scott Bergren, Pizza Hut president. Young voters, age 18-29, reportedly will account for up to 25% of the electorate in this Presidential election1. There's something about pizza and politics - they just go hand-in-hand, Bergren said.

The new ad is the second in a series of Pizza Huts Pizza Mia Presidential Election ads. It will run in the Presidential primary states of South Carolina and Nevada just before the primaries, and on national network television. The companys first political ad, which debuted during the Iowa Caucuses and featured snippets of each of the Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates appearing on a debate stage together to address concerns about the economy. It was the first time a company had used actual Presidential candidate snippets in a commercial ad, and was well-received by youth on blogs and social media sites.

Pizza Mia offers an economic solution for families feeling the financial pinch today, particularly under current economic conditions, by providing everyday value at just $5 with the purchase of three pizzas, or $6.99 for one pizza. It is the companys most affordable, high-quality pizza, made with 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese and old world sauce from sweet vine-ripened tomatoes. Orders for Pizza Mia are accepted at local Pizza Hut restaurants and online at for delivery or carry out.

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, Inc., a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM) is the world's largest pizza restaurant company with more than 6,200 restaurants in the United States and more than 4,000 restaurants in 100 other countries. The company's 49-year legacy of leadership and innovation has made it the recognized leader in the $37 billion pizza category. Those hungry for more information can go to the official Pizza Hut website at

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mobile Pizza Ordering

It's present now by two of the big three pizza shop. First it was Domino's Pizza and now it's Pizza Hut. They both now have mobile pizza ordering. What is this world coming to. LOL.

Pizza Hut mobile pizza ordering has two different features. You can either send them a text message or you can visit there new mobile website. Here are the steps to place a pizza order by mobile phone

Text Message Pizza Order
  1. Visit and create an account
  2. Add your mobile phone number to your account
  3. Set up a pizza playlist to name and save your favorite order
After setting this up, you can order a pizza special in just 2 simple steps.
  1. Enter the letter "O" followed by a space and the name of your playlist that you created
  2. Next send it to 749488 (749HUT)
Order with Pizza Hut Mobile
  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Open your browser on your web-enabled mobile phone go to
  3. Log into your account
  4. Place your pizza order
To use mobile pizza ordering for Domino's pizza, you will first have to visit and enter your cell phone number. They will then send you a text message with a link to their mobil pizza site. I already did this part for you!

Steps to order a pizza from Domino's with your cell phone
  1. Visit Domino' and create an account on their main website
  2. On your web-enable mobile phone, visit
  3. Click on Find a store or mobile ordering
  4. Log into your Domino's Pizza account and place your pizza order
Well Papa John's, where is your mobile ordering? I'm sure it will be coming very soon! I would imagine with all this mobile pizza ordering, you will be getting pizza specials in text messages? It's just a guess on my part, but if you can order pizza from your cell phone then I'm sure they can forward advertisements to you. Just beware that if you don't have a text message or web-enable phone, you will incur charges from your cell phone provider to do this.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Power of Pizza

Did you know that Pizza has power?

Pizza has the power to add a smile to a youngster, an adult, and a gathering! Often times, it is the simple things that bring glory to the end of a day. Think about it, your getting home late from work and you have to be someplace in two hours. Do you have time to cook? Probably not, you will probably need to change and find time for something to eat. What’s the answer? Give your favorite pizza shop a call on the way home. This will free up some time for you, by the time you get ready for your plans, the pizza can be delivered! Most pizza shops even have plates and napkins available so you won’t even have to worry about the dishes. That pizza probably just saved you a good 30 minutes of time and in that 30 minutes, you can grab a little bit of relaxation!

Are you planning a gathering for a sporting event, birthday party, or movie night? Would you rather be cooking all day and then have to clean all those dishes or would you rather save time and order some sheet pizza’s? For gatherings of all sizes, most pizza shops can make enough pizza to tame the hunger bugs! It’s simple on your part, leaves you will very little clean-up, and everybody loves pizza! Believe or not, most pizza shops love to offer pizza’s to large groups, it gives them exposure to a number of people. When you are in need of a lot of pizza, ask the pizza shop about catering prices or large pizza specials or pizza coupons, it will earn you a better price per slice!

Finally we have the youngster of today that we all so dearly love! Think back to when you were a kid, do you ever have pizza night? I’m sure most of you did. I know my family had pizza night on a lot of Friday evenings. That night was usually the time we gathered and enjoyed some pizza and movies! It was togetherness and it always brought a smile to my face! Kids love pizza, it’s a food they can truly enjoy. So if you have youngsters, set aside a night and enjoy some time together with that oh so good slice of pizza and a movie! Bring back those times of yester year, they seem to be forgotten sometimes in this day in age.

Keep it simple, enjoy a slice of life! Wishing you Happy Pizza Eating!

A veteran of the pizza industry making sure your pizza is the best you can get! For more information about the pizza industry, visit . We specialize in pizza industry information, pizza specials, menu's, coupons, and more!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Customer's Tastebuds Are Always Right

When I tasted the Greenwich Pizza ‘Garden Delight’ in the Philippines, my tastebuds got a shock!

The pizza was covered with sweet tomato sauce and the cheese on top was cheddar.

I’ve been eating pizza all my life. Pizza is made with tangy tomato sauce and should be covered with mozzarella cheese, right? Sweet sauce and cheddar is no way to make a pizza.

Unless you want to sell a lot of pizza in the Philippines.

Greenwich Pizza doesn’t care what pizza is known for in Italy or New York or anywhere else for that matter. Greenwich wants to dominate the Philippine pizza market. As far as they’re concerned, when you are in the Philippines, Philippine tastebuds rule.

If the local market wants sweet, then sweet tomato sauce it is. If local customers prefer cheddar, spread on the cheddar cheese.

Global brands Pizza Hut, Shakeys and Dominos all sell pizza in the Philippines. But local Greenwich is the market leader.

Why? Because Pizza Hut, Shakeys and Dominos all make their pizza to global (not local) pizza standards. With plenty of tangy tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Key Learning Point
Question: Who knows best what customers really want? Local businesses or global corporations?

Answer: Neither. The people who know best what customers really want are the customers themselves!

Action Steps
Do you think you already know what's best for your customers? Or do you really listen to learn what your customers prefer?

Ron Kaufman is an internationally acclaimed educator and motivator for partnerships and quality customer service. He is author of the bestselling "UP Your Service!" and founder of "UP Your Service College". Visit for more such Customer Service articles, subscribe to his Newsletter, or to buy his bestselling Books, Videos, Audio CDs on Customer Service from his secure Online Store. You can also watch Ron live or listen to him at

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Pizza Battle to be Supreme

Imagine this scenario, your talking to a friend on your cell phone and all of a sudden your phone beeps, you look at the screen and what do you see? Click now and save $2 off of your online pizza order. Yes, it can happen! The big 3 of the pizza world are striving to be the first at every angle. In todays market the massive money of Papa Johns, Domino's, and Pizza Hut just over powers the rest of the industry. These three companies have the power to rule the industry in the brick and mortar side and in the internet world. They have all built their sites with online pizza ordering, printable pizza coupons, and they even placed you on their e-mail list.

Dominos pizza is the first of the three to introduce mobile pizza ordering. Is it crazy to think of it? No, the majority of our tech lifestyle is spent on the cell phone or in front of the computer now a days and they are using this to their advantage. If the statistics show that it's working then, it's only a matter of time before Pizza Hut and Papa John's pizza role out their cell phone ordering package.

So what does all this do for you as a consumer? It provides an easy way for you to order a pizza at almost any time of the day or any place in the world. They give you the opportunity to save money on every pizza order with their printable pizza coupons and advertised pizza specials. They continue to introduce new pizza's to entice your taste bud's. Their marketing techniques are cut throat because they know it is a multi-billion dollar industry and they all want to be at the top of the list.

Could it be that one day soon you will be driving home and pass a Papa John's Pizza shop and hear your car say: The pizza special for Papa John's pizza today is........

Enjoy Life - Enjoy Pizza

Pizza Specials to Save Some Dough!

Everybody loves pizza and everybody loves to save money!

Did you can find online printable pizza coupons for Papa Johns Pizza, Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, and more? It's simple and it will save you some money!

A few years back, pizza used to be one of the cheaper meals, but today it's not. Depending on the pizza shop you order from and the amount of toppings you get, you could be spending $20 on a pizza. Ouch, $20 for a pizza that may offer 2 slices per person depending on how many are eating. This may not be as bad if you and a few friends are going in on the cost, but for some people 2 pieces of pizza may not fill them up. So now your looking at adding on some side items and raising the cost even more.

So now what do you do? The easiest way to save some money is to search the net or your mailbox for pizza coupons. With the technology and exposure of the internet, we all have access to online pizza deals and placing pizza orders online. This is exactly what the major pizza shops like Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Domino's pizza, and so many others are going strong at. They are all fighting to make your pizza ordering experience a whole lot easier. Our main website, can help you save some money! We have listings for all major pizza shops, printable pizza coupons, and pizza specials. So head on over there and save some dough.