Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pizza Hut Pizza Special - Cheesy Bites Pizza is Back

Pizza Hut recently re-launched an old pizza special, the Cheesy Bites Pizza for $11.99. This pizza proves to be a good seller for Pizza Hut. I'm guessing this is the 4th time they have run this pizza special? The Cheesy Bites Pizza is created on a hand tossed crust with your favorite topping however the difference is in the crust! It's based off of their stuffed crust pizza, the pizza gets the "Cheesy Bites" name from the individual cheesy bites they create from the crust. Below is a video review that I did awhile back

As you can see from the pizza review, the crust is where its at! The little Cheesy Bites are filled with cheese and have a season on the outside. Over all the pizza is very good when made properly and worth the $11.99 price point. If you're interested in checking out the Cheesy Bites Pizza special, check out your local Pizza Hut.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dominos Pizza Launches Pizza Hero

Domino's Pizza launches iTunes app called Pizza Hero. The app takes you through making a pizza at Dominos. It starts you out training on how to stretch the dough. Once you've mastered that you move onto saucing, then adding the cheese & toppings, and ending with cutting the finished product. The cool thing about the app is that's you get rated on how well you did. If you don't do well, you don't move on.

During Dominos Pizza Hero game you get feedback based on your scoring. The better you get the better the results, if you're god enough you might just get offered a job!

Overall I enjoyed playing the game, although it did take a little practice with the stretching.
Pizza Hero is a free download at iTunes and if you like pizza, I'd suggest checking it out.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dominos Pizza Road To Domination Game

Dominos Pizza gets involved with March Madness by introducing the Road to Domination game. You can play to win a free 20oz, or Domino's new Parmesan Bread Bites. They are giving away over 200,000 prizes. The big prize is to win a trip for 2 to the 2013 NCAA Men's Final Four.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Papa Johns Buffalo Chicken Pizza Review

I had a chance to check out the new Buffalo Chicken pizza special from Papa Johns today. The Buffalo Chicken pizza comes with Ranch sauce, Chicken, Bacon, & Onion. Personally I don't like onions, so I ordered mine without them. This pizza has an amazing aroma! When I arrived to pick it up, I could smell the pizza as soon as it was set on the counter. Check out the video review to see how it looks
After doing the review, I had a chance to indulge in a full slice and I have to say the pizza was pretty amazing. You get a 3 stage flavor explosion! It starts with the spicy buffalo sauce, then the bacon kicks in, and it finalizes with a subtle ranch flavor. The chicken on the pizza had a slight breading to it and it was decently juicy. Over all I enjoyed the pizza! Interested in checking it out? Let me know your thoughts on the new Buffalo Chicken pizza special from Papa Johns!

Papa Johns Introduces Buffalo Chicken pizza deal

Papa Johns recently introduced a new specialty pizza, Buffalo Chicken. Numerous pizza shops have always had a variation of this special recipe but Papa Johns has changed it up a little. This new special from Papa Johns comes with a creamy ranch sauce, chicken strips, crispy bacon, onions, and a buffalo sauce.
A lot of the buffalo chicken pizzas out there simply come with a special sauce and chicken, Papa Johns expands the pizza recipe with their own unique creation. With the addition of onions and crispy bacon, this pizza will should have a very unique flavor. I know I can't wait to give it a try! If you enjoy Buffalo Chicken pizza, then give this new Papa Johns pizza special a try! If you're looking for another pizza special, be sure to check out our site that is loaded with great pizza information

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Donato's Pizza Introduces Spicy Jack Pizza Special

Donato's Pizza recently introduced a new pizza special, the Spicy Jack pizza. This new pizza deal from Donato's offers a pizza that is topped with their famous pepperoni, family recipe sausage, authentic pepper jack cheese, and they finish it off with their special Zinger shake. This new pizza is sure to tantalize your taste buds with flavor!

If you're in the mood for pizza and want to kick it up a notch, this deal should give you what you're looking for. Don't hesitate, this new pizza special from Donato's is a limited time offer. Donato's Spicy Jack pizza jacks up the flavors but not the cost on this pizza deal! Check it out at your local Donatos Pizza.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box Pizza Deal

Pizza Hut has just introduce a new pizza deal for a limited time, the Big Dinner Box. This new pizza special from Pizza Hut is packed with 2 medium size pizzas, 5 bread sticks, and 8 wings. The price point on the Big Dinner Box is $19.99 or if you want to add cheese to your bread sticks, the price would be $20.99. Check out my video pizza review below.

As you can see from the pizza review, this pizza special is packed with a lot of food. The pizzas themselves are not anything special, they are made from the bread stick dough and have a pretty decent thickness to the crust. For the wings you have the option of bone-in, bone-out, or traditional wings. From a value point I think this deal is great for a family or night with friends. Will the new Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box be in your future?