Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pizza Hut Pizza Special - Cheesy Bites Pizza is Back

Pizza Hut recently re-launched an old pizza special, the Cheesy Bites Pizza for $11.99. This pizza proves to be a good seller for Pizza Hut. I'm guessing this is the 4th time they have run this pizza special? The Cheesy Bites Pizza is created on a hand tossed crust with your favorite topping however the difference is in the crust! It's based off of their stuffed crust pizza, the pizza gets the "Cheesy Bites" name from the individual cheesy bites they create from the crust. Below is a video review that I did awhile back

As you can see from the pizza review, the crust is where its at! The little Cheesy Bites are filled with cheese and have a season on the outside. Over all the pizza is very good when made properly and worth the $11.99 price point. If you're interested in checking out the Cheesy Bites Pizza special, check out your local Pizza Hut.

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preeti said...

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